Locating scholarly sources ashford an101

This video discusses the difference between scholarly and popular resources, develops search terms, and uses ashford university's library to locate scholarly.

The ashford university library coordinates university-wide access to a variety of research resources in online formats the electronic resources available to you include scholarly journal and general magazine articles, e-books (academic and reference), newspaper articles, company profiles, legal documents, reports,.

Locating scholarly sources ashford an101

  • Research minutes is a series for undergraduate students at cornell university covering library research topics this segment discusses how to recognize and f.

Have students use one of the library's databases by subject to locate a scholarly source, then prompt them to locate a popular source on the same topic ask students to reflect upon the following questions: do the perspectives agree how is the language that is used similar or different do the sources have a similar.

locating scholarly sources ashford an101 Many academic journals are peer-reviewed or refereed journals when an author (usually a university professor and/or researcher) submits an article, copies are sent to several reviewers who are expert scholars in the author's field these reviewers then recommend whether or not the article should be.
Locating scholarly sources ashford an101
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